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Hospital Curtain


Height: 2000mm (Height can be customized)  
Length: 50 folds*150mm ( Length can be customized) 
Optional colors£º Forest Green¡¢ Summer Blue¡¢ Snow White¡¢ Pastel Yellow¡¢ Pastel Pink¡¢ Pastel Blue£¬ Pastel Green£¬Deep Red Blue

Specific color can be made to order

The material of our product is polypropylene non-woven; the weight is 100g/©O.
PP non-woven£º
PP¡¯s full name is polypropylene, the fiber through the airflow or the machine to figuration, then after spunlaced, acupuncture, or hot-press to reinforce, after finishing the final, the fiber is formed. This material is symmetrical, feel good, super tensile capacity, 100% fibre composed , good air permeability, easy to keep the curtain clean and dry , it is also recycling, nontoxic, nonirritating, non-smell. It has many functions, such as antibacterial, fire-retardant, antistatic, dustproof and so on. It is a very good kind new curtain.

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